Run 3

Run 3 is an upgraded version of the casual running game.  Compared with the previous series, it has some innovations and changes.  From the last simple platform, it has become a solid polyhedron with surrounding edges.  It has also added some fragile plates, which will fall into the abyss if not stepped on and left in time.  When running here, only stepping on the safe blue border can you successfully pass?

How to Play Run 3

In Run 3, the arrow keys enable your character to move in the direction above the platform.  The space bar can help it jump over the pits.  The P key can help you pause the game.  The running route is not fixed. As you run, you will meet not only fragile plates but also reach vacant places. At this time, you need to jump over, or you will fail directly in rolling in the deep.  If the road ahead is full of pits, then you can use the direction keys to step on the platforms on other sides and become a new road.

The game features of Run 3

It adds more fragile plates and tests your agility.  The running platform in Run 3 has become a three-dimensional polyhedron, which is easier to control and allows you to run better.  Running to a certain level is convenient to enter the next level, which is a continuous challenge.

Do you like running games? Run 3 can bring you a new experience. Compared with the previous version, the platform on which you run is a three-dimensional platform, with fragile wood blocks added, just like holes. If you don’t avoid it in time, you can fall into the game and fail. Or vintage shooting games? In bubble trouble, you will use weapons to shoot down bubbles, but they may split during shooting, so you need to shoot accurately and avoid the bubbles they fall.

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